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Flash qFiasco
M.Litt. cantab
updated 26 August 2015

The Witteringswine Parodies:

1. Tractatus Fuselagico-Umbilicus
(The world is full of stuff. Believe it.)

2. Witteringswine's Philosophical Tribulations
(philosophy is the disease for which it should be the cure, but isn't)

Welcome to the Crumple Zone, UK

Welcome to the Crumple Zone, North America

Imperium (Heidegger parody)

Review of a nonexistent book (on Borges' New Refutation of Time)

Interview With God (no, not the smarmy one you've seen elsewhere)

"Getting blown to pieces is the occupational hazard of soldiering;
getting torn to pieces, that of philosophizing." --Flash qFiasco

Quotes from various thinkers

Wittgenstein Miscellany

The Subject in Wittgenstein's Tractatus
(influence of Schopenhauer's Will & Idea on Wittgenstein's early work)

Philosophical Investigations 1: Reconsidering a Misleading Picture
(let's start at the beginning...)

Review: Norman Malcolm, "Wittgenstein, A Religious Point of View?"

Review: James Klagge, ed., "Wittgenstein, Philosophical Occasions"

Reply to Martin Gardner on Mathematical Realism

Is It Water?
(a note on a puzzle propounded by Hilary Putnam)

A Note On The Charges Against Socrates
(Corrupting the Youth & Making the Weaker Case Seem the Stronger)

Self-Referential Pseudo-Paradoxes
(reply to Douglas Hofstadter)

Popes, Condoms, & The Sanctity of Life
(on the doctrine of double effect applied to condom use to prevent spread of HIV)

On Wearing the Niqab in France
(limits on freedom of religion in modern Europe; Sept 2011)

On Shooting Massacres in American Schools
(in the wake of events in Newtown Connecticut, Dec 2012)

How Do You Define Torture?
(on waterboarding and the Senate report into waterboarding; updated Dec 2014)

Review: Mohamedou Slahi, "Guantanamo Diary"
(on systematic torture at GTMO, Feb 2015)

An Open Letter to Edward Snowden
(on mass surveillance of innocent people by the NSA, August 2015)


Some clever college student (so I suppose)
has done a graphic (above) to go with my
Tractatus spoof.
I like it. If I knew who it was, I'd give credit.

Contact: moonbus AT gmx DOT ch